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2015 Theme: The Body of Christ (complete)

This site exists for the purpose of informing you about our CNC events and small group events around the country.

This year, we will be introducing and encouraging the local study group at our CNC event host site for Cameron.  Cameron and Lynette will be leading a small study group at Rock Haven Resort and this year's CNC event will announce this and bring them to the front! Read our Article on Small Study Groups on the left bar.

We had Two Exceptional gatherings in 2015! Which included Oak LakeTrails in Oklahoma and Rock Haven Lodge in TN.  We hoped that these events provided an opportunity for many more people to be able to participate and we were not disappointed!

We also hope that the effort represented by these events this Summer will blossom into much more.... not just periodic events for Christian Naturists across America, but a movement of God calling believers all around the world to fellowship, greater effectiveness in representing Christ to Nudists (a subgroup often spurned by most Christians), and representing biblical truth regarding our bodies to non-nudist Christians.

We believe that the sky is the limit and that God just might be doing something amazing among us and through us! We invite you to be a part of it!

Our name summarizes what we're all about: Christian - CNC events are first and foremost Christian events. We seek to honor God through the Lord Jesus Christ. That is our primary motivation. Nudist - Secondarily, we affirm the goodness of our bodies exactly as God created them. Convocation - Finally, we believe in the value of gathering as likeminded people for mutual encouragement and fellowship. For more information on what we are about, see our Purpose page.

We are also particularly interested in supporting families who have adopted naturism as a wholesome and healthy way of living. Family Activities and special activities for children are being planned. We also recognize that there might be individuals or families who are still simply exploring naturism and seeking to reconcile such a practice with their faith. These people are welcomed as well, and the resorts where we are meeting may allow newcomers to attend our CNC meetings clothed, (shorts, wraps, etc.  No swim suits or lingerie).  Pools and hot tubs and many resort activities are by resort rules, not ours.

Now, let me hasten to say that while we are definitely Christian, you do not have to be a Christian to attend.

All who attend need not agree with every point in our Statement of Faith, but we respectfully request that no one seek to promote beliefs contrary to it.

By the same token, our events are not limited only to couples or families. Singles are welcome as well and we will not be enforcing any sort of quota. We simply ask that all who attend (married or single) agree to abide by our policy statement.

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Our Theme for 2015 is

The Body of Christ (Event Ended)

- The CNC PLanning Team


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